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3 Ways to Secure your Network

Did you know that if a cybercriminal gains access to your network they can also access every device that is connected to the network and its information? One of the best ways to prevent a cyber-attack like that is a secure network. This creates a more difficult entry point for cyber criminals. Below we list out the top 3 ways to secure your network and make it more difficult for cyber criminals to access your network and devices.

1. Change network names and passwords.

Manufacturer network names and passwords are generalized and randomly generated in a computer system. This makes it easier for a cyber-criminal to guess the name and password and target your network. Changing your network name and password to something personal and using a mix of Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, will make your network more difficult to access for those wanting to steal information.

2. Make the new network password personal.

Making a password personal to you and your company makes it harder for someone to guess because it is not a random mix of letters and numbers. A personalized network name and password furthers your businesses security and provides more protection for your information.

3. Hide your network.

Hiding your network and making it not visible when people are trying to connect makes it more difficult for hackers to access because to access it, they must know your network name and password. This can be done by taking off the WPS setting.

A secure network is one of the most important things that you can do for your cyber security. If your business needs help with securing your network email our cyber professionals at to set up a consultation.

Written by Ready Services Group Cyber Experts

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